Ken Allison

Ken Allison

I’m a business orientated human resource and employment law consultant, specialising in boosting individual and organisational performance by enabling managers and directors to act with confidence when tackling issues that may present potential legal problems.

What do I do?

I use my background in line management, corporate HR, and HR consulting for a major law firm to:-

  • remove anxieties and explode the myths of employment law in order to increase managerial confidence – my presentation ‘You’re fired…employment law for busy executives’ was delivered to delegates from more than 200 organisations in 2009/10 – see an extract video.
  • run a variety of employment law related training programmes.
  • ensure effective employee engagement, particularly through formal trade union and non TU consultation arrangements such as Works Councils. I co-authored the IDS Thomson Reuters Information and Consultation Guide – and you can see one of my People Management articles.
  • improve approaches to performance management
  • provide mediation, disciplinary investigations and assistance with difficult terminations
  • reduce absenteeism, and
  • provide generalist HR consultancy support – you can pick up details of our SME Support package.

How could these services benefit your organisation?

  • increased managerial confidence
    •improved performance, attendance and conduct
    •prevention of expensive mistakes
    •reduced negative PR coverage
    •assurance that diversity issues are properly addressed
    •higher levels of employee engagement
    •release of valuable HR resources, because managers will be more competent
    •fulfilment of ‘due diligence’ requirements of various ACAS Codes of Practice and Guidance

To find out more, or to get in touch, go to our web site now or call on 0161 928 3213.


Employment law and employee relations.

  • Handling discipline at work
    •improving attendance
    •equal opportunities and diversity
    •consultation and working with trade unions
    •employment law for line managers and HR professionals
    •performance management
    •mediation, independent investigations, managing terminations/grievances,

HR Consulting

  • ‘ExecutiveHR’ support for the SME sector – there when you need us
    •Assistance with redundancy programmes
    •Works Councils and employee forums
    •Contracts etc.
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